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Solar Incentives and Rebates

solar panels installed on residential home roof

Rebates for installing solar panels in Southwest WA

The Federal and State Government has provided various benefits and incentives for installing solar energy systems. Households and businesses in Bunbury and the southwest region of WA are entitled to benefits such as upfront discounts and energy buyback schemes.

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES)

Western Australian homeowners can receive the Federal Government’s solar rebate when installing solar panels. Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are an upfront discount on the price of your solar energy system. The amount of STCs you receive depends on the location and size of your installation. The value of the STCs is also subject to market conditions.

The application for your rebate will be handled by your solar company. South West Solar Force will sort out your STCs for you and apply the rebate value as a discount from your system’s upfront price.

Large-scale Generation Certificates

STCs are only available for solar systems under 100kW in size. Commercial solar energy systems larger than 100kW qualify for Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) instead. Unlike STCs, LGCs are not an upfront discount. They are instead handed out each year. Small businesses can also claim a $30k Small Business Asset write-off through the ATO to recover expenses for their solar power system.

Solar Feed-in Tariffs in Western Australia

Solar feed-in tariffs are the payment made by your energy provider for the surplus energy your solar system exports to the grid. Most residential customers in WA are eligible to apply for these tariffs under the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme.

It’s common for your solar panels to generate more energy than your home uses. Excess energy from a grid-connected solar system is sent back to the grid and energy retailers will pay a fixed rate for the energy.

Synergy is the electricity provider for households in the southwest region of WA. As of July 2023, the DEBS rate is 10 cents per kWh between peak times of 3pm and 9pm or 2.25 cents per kWh before 3pm or after 9pm. This is applicable for residential customers with systems 5kW or under.